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¿Te suena esto detrás del volante?
Pasas mucho tiempo en tu auto porque, bueno, eres un padre ocupado. Desde dejar a los niños en la guardería o la práctica de fútbol o recoger la cena de camino a casa, pasas muchas horas detrás del volante. Y cuando no está solo en el automóvil, a menudo hay algo que requiere toda su atención (cuando sus ojos realmente deberían estar en la carretera). Alguien necesita servilletas. Alguien necesita un cable de cargador. Ah, y no encuentras tu pintalabios para retocarte. 
Para la locura
Limpie su desorden detrás del volante con nuestro organizador de asiento de automóvil multifuncional. Bolígrafos, blocs de notas, teléfonos inteligentes, bolsas de refrigerios, cables de carga: todo se integra en una sólida solución de almacenamiento. Descubra un interior de automóvil más limpio hoy. Libere el desorden de los portavasos, la consola central y los bolsillos de las puertas del automóvil hoy.
Ideal para sedanes,
camiones, furgonetas.
Nuestro organizador de asiento de automóvil multifuncional cabe en el espacio entre el asiento de automóvil y la consola central para un accesorio de almacenamiento fuera del camino que también está convenientemente al alcance. Ya no tendrás que buscar a tientas en tu bolso en el asiento del pasajero o meter un brazo en el asiento trasero para sacar algo que necesites. Mantenga sus elementos esenciales justo donde pueda agarrarlos con seguridad.
No más crack de la fatalidad
¿Alguna vez se le cayó un bolígrafo, una multa de estacionamiento o incluso su teléfono en esa cuña entre su asiento y la consola central? Deja de matar tus manos al llegar a ese espacio reducido. Cierra ese espacio con este organizador que salva vidas.
Izquierda y
configuraciones correctas
Nuestro ingenioso accesorio para automóvil viene en modelos aptos para el lado del conductor y el lado del pasajero de su automóvil, lo que le permite a usted (y a cualquier pasajero) total tranquilidad de no perder elementos esenciales valiosos.
Artesanía que puedes
ver y sentir
Todo está en los detalles. Auto Shop
Espacios curados
Cada organizador cuenta con una ranura para el teléfono, un orificio para el cargador, un portavasos y una ranura para tarjetas para un almacenamiento organizado.
Cuero poliuretano
Nuestra construcción de piel sintética negra no ha sido crueldad con los animales y aún conserva una sensación y apariencia lujosas. Acentos de costuras rojas para detalles llamativos.
Espacio generoso
Mide 10,24 x 6,5 x 3 pulgadas, para alojamiento espacioso para todos sus artículos imprescindibles.
Es una conducción más segura
Nadie debe distraerse cuando está detrás del volante. En una fracción de segundo, puede juzgar mal o pasar por alto algo y potencialmente tener un accidente, poniendo en peligro no solo a usted, sino también a un familiar o amigo. Anímese y detenga la búsqueda y el agarre sin rumbo detrás del volante, y mantenga todo al alcance de la mano con esta solución de almacenamiento hecha para la seguridad.
El organizador de asiento de automóvil multifuncional es genial porque se instala en un instante, sin necesidad de herramientas ni hardware. Simplemente insértelo en el espacio entre el asiento de su automóvil y la consola central para un ajuste perfecto, y estará en camino a un interior de automóvil más limpio.
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Verified Buyer
28 Apr 2022 19:22

These are great quality for the price! As someone who works in the technology industry, it is important for my equipment to work well, look good, and be up to date. Even though the price point is low, these are the same quality as those costing hundreds more. Fit and sound quality are perfect. Another thing I like is the quality of the packaging - the box they come in makes them appear much more expensive than they really are, and make them an ideal gift. A 10 out of 10.

Verified Buyer
27 Apr 2022 23:17

The seat gap organizer works great for what it's meant for! It has a nice little cup holder space as well as space for anything else you might want to put there like a phone, keys etc! While this space is meant to catch anything that might fall out of your pockets, it can also just be more space to put things there while on a road trip or a long journey! Personally, I always run out of cup holder space whenever I'm going somewhere with other people, so having two more cup holder spaces helps a lot.

Verified Buyer
27 Apr 2022 19:40

This product is a wonderful addition to my car. In my back seat there are no organizational pockets or cup holders. So this is a great addition for my kid to use while they are in the vehicle. The structure of the product itself is solid it has already been tested and upholds its integrity against the onslaught of children. Has just enough space to help organize and contain masses that could otherwise spread across the back seat

Verified Buyer
27 Apr 2022 03:14

This is a great solution if you ever find yourself not having enough space to place items. However, make sure you look at your front seats and make sure your emergency brake isn’t on the side you would want the car gap to fit. If you have an emergency brake right next to your seat it won’t fit correctly. Overall, it’s a great product especially the bag hooks I use it to hang my umbrella and my purse.

Verified Buyer
26 Apr 2022 19:36

I have a smaller SUV and when we travel, it seems like we are always out of space for extra beverages and a place for phones. This has solved both of these issues. It's so nice to have a specific place for my phone. It's a great place for pens, notes, etc. Love that you can remove it if necessary or even move it from vehicle to vehicle. Definitely recommend.

Verified Buyer
26 Apr 2022 13:59

I am a real estate broker and have people in and out of my car constantly - even during COVID-19. This has prevented either me or my passenger from dropping our phones, pens, keys, paper clips and other items between the seats. It's sturdy, doesn't affect the ease of seatbelt use or the power seats that automatically retreat for east of entry/exit the vehicle. The black with red stitching gets great complements given the match to my Porsche interior - also black with red stitching. Extra places to put business cards, facemasks, sunglasses - especially for passengers who might spend the day with you looking at property and they bring a lot of stuff with them. Great product.

Verified Buyer
26 Apr 2022 11:17

This cup holder extension is perfect for that extra space you need. I was afraid it would push up hard on my leg and distract me... but it doesn’t! Works great! Fits my coffee mug and bottled waters. Holds my pens AND the extra clips work great over the headrest post to hold my COVID-19 masks ! Great product.

Verified Buyer
26 Apr 2022 11:03

Im an Uber driver so i need space to keep my stuff in my car and this product worked wonderfully for me, it fits my vape(big one), juice and wallet even has space left for hand sanitizer. The quality is good its made of some kind of leather. What i love most about it though is the inside that u put between the seats has a soft rubber on it so it basically wont mess your seats up. I was worried about that before ordering because i live in a very hot climate but they thought about it and made an excellent product

Verified Buyer
26 Apr 2022 03:47

I got it for both sides because it`s more convenient for me. And it works beautifully, I love the USB hole, it keeps the cords together and not scattered around in the car. I need a variety of different phone chargers and this keeps them organized. I don't plan to use the cup holder for actually holding drinks, I might use it for coins so that isn't a problem for me with the size. I love it, it's a nice quality.

Verified Buyer
25 Apr 2022 19:51

This is a well thought out solution to a problem we all have where the phone and other objects slide in between the center console and the seat taking things to hard to reach places. This solves that issue and creates additional useful space. We also use it to hold our handsanitizers now that we are in the covid situation. Highly recommend it.

Verified Buyer
25 Apr 2022 11:51

I personally don't like the charger hole, because it means I couldn’t even put my earrings in it without the earrings falling out.

Verified Buyer
25 Apr 2022 09:42

These are just as pictured. I would like the narrow slot for a phone to be wider to accommodate one with a case. Also can't imagine ever putting a drink in the rounded area in the front as the weight would cause it to tip. But sturdy and very nice looking.

Verified Buyer
25 Apr 2022 04:29

Very well made, sturdy, passenger side organizer! My husband uses it in his truck and he has had it for about a week now. He loves it. It is very well made, and he loves that his change and other things can go in there as opposed to between the seat and the center console (making it impossible to retrieve later). It is an excellent buy—a bargain considering how well this product is made! The red stitching is beautiful. This would make for a very nice gift for that hard to buy person!

Verified Buyer
25 Apr 2022 00:31

This is so useful! I been wanting to buy this after seeing a YouTube video about it and finally did. This fit my One Plus 7 pro perfectly I used it to store phone keys and coins for tow etc. I like how it comes with 2 pieces of the hook for the back.

Verified Buyer
24 Apr 2022 23:19

These were exactly what I was looking for! They’re just thick enough to be super useful and small enough to not be in the way. The quality makes them fit perfectly into the Mustang, and the red detail just added to it. The cupholders look small, but they fit water and soda bottles perfectly.

Verified Buyer
24 Apr 2022 22:30

I love this gap filler, a nice addition to my car. Great fit. Not too big, not too small, and matches my leather seats. you can fit a can of soda, water bottle, cellphone, and miscellaneous items. Great quality product

Verified Buyer
24 Apr 2022 21:54

This gap filler is quite sturdy and rather attractive. It fit the space in my Subaru just right and certainly does its job of 'filling the gap'. The bottle holder is a bit small.

Verified Buyer
24 Apr 2022 20:17

This is excellent. It fits perfectly. It does not slip or slide around. I like the divided section. It holds the phone, notepad or coupons in their own separate section.

Verified Buyer
24 Apr 2022 18:29

Omg what a great product. Looks great. Quality materials. Don't get offended, but if ur a little wide this will be in ur way. Oh did I say Thank You for those hooks. Best things ever.

Verified Buyer
24 Apr 2022 15:56

This organizer is great! It looks very high end in my new car as the leather is of good quality. It also provides just the right amount of extra space to be worth the price... buy one!

Verified Buyer
24 Apr 2022 14:46

The product is excellent. Fits perfectly. Now I have everything at my fingertips. Ordered the second one for the passenger side. Very comfortable stuff. Totally recommend!

Verified Buyer
24 Apr 2022 12:28

Well, the product is actually quality, there are no questions to the pockets. So there are no complaints about the product, everything is fine, delivery is fast, recommend it for all car owners.

Verified Buyer
11 Apr 2022 23:24

Overall, it is a decent and functional car seat organizer that covers the gap between the seat and console. It fit our car's seat, but not our truck's seat.

Verified Buyer
5 Apr 2022 23:26

This is a wonderful simple idea for storage space need when driving. It can go on either side, drivers or passengers. It holds my phone, my drink & It even has a slit to hold Credit cards. So Worth it.

Verified Buyer
3 Apr 2022 23:25

I really like the idea of this, and the price....So close to perfect.

Verified Buyer
2 Apr 2022 23:26

Very convenient & so much easier than the stuffed space fillers. Also the price in unbeatable!

Verified Buyer
20 Mar 2022 23:22

Material is cheaper than I thought but it’s not much of a concern for that price

Verified Buyer
30 Jan 2022 23:22

This is a great organizing tray depending on your car. I have a 2017 RAV4 and it does not really fit on the side of my seat as the sides bulges up, sort of like racer seats. I tried it on my mom's Corolla and it fits perfectly.

Verified Buyer
22 Jan 2022 00:27

I really like it! I didn't have enough room in my car for storage so I wanted something I could put coins and cables etc. It fit PERFECTLY in my Toyota 4door Yaris. The cellphone compartment is big enough, and the cupholder surprisingly fits my mug very well!

Verified Buyer
18 Jan 2022 02:05

The product is very fashionable and good quality. Doesn't stop the seat from adjusting.

Verified Buyer
15 Jan 2022 20:18

Excellent product and innovative idea. It is sturdy and fits between car seats. Accommodating wallet, keys, phone, small water bottle and any other small item. Good quality and premium looking product.

Verified Buyer
14 Jan 2022 11:34

I bought this with the intent of extra storage. My vehicle doesn’t offer a lot in between the front two seats. This totally did the trick. I’ll be buying another one for the passenger side.

Verified Buyer
13 Jan 2022 11:14

It arrived on time, it is the right size, does not get in the way and plugs the black hole between the seat and console!! Very happy with this purchase!!

Verified Buyer
9 Jan 2022 16:48

Well made with soft material. Please do note that the circular extrusion can rub against your outside thighs if your seats are generally smaller.

Verified Buyer
3 Jan 2022 15:43

Very good for the car especially the extra cup holder. It got some taking used to but it's actually really helpful for preventing stuff from getting lost! Might get another one just in case I need it for the other seats in my car

Verified Buyer
2 Jan 2022 23:22

Doesn't fit the open space tightly. But does prevent items from falling in between the seat and holds my mobile at an angle that gives me better service.

Verified Buyer
26 Dec 2021 20:17

The leather is great quality, fits perfectly in my 09 suburban, and i really like that i can switch it between the driver seat and passenger seat. Cup holder holds standard cans and bottles.

Verified Buyer
22 Dec 2021 21:18

It gives an extra storage for wallet and keys to my side at the car. Recommend for everyone who has a car.

Verified Buyer
16 Dec 2021 10:28

Love my new pockets! No more lost keys and dropped phone! My daughter already wants a set for her car!

Verified Buyer
13 Dec 2021 19:56

The cup holder is too small

Verified Buyer
11 Dec 2021 11:50

All qualitatively but on my car I will not think how to attach and so everything is perfect

Verified Buyer
8 Dec 2021 21:18

If you have limited space in your vehicle this will give you that little extra. The thing is - it has a slot for your phone but it’s tight and only for the slim case, my iPhone XR in 3D decorated case is too big for the space.

Verified Buyer
8 Nov 2021 15:46

needful thing

Verified Buyer
11 Oct 2021 15:38

Great organizer, recommend

Verified Buyer
10 Oct 2021 15:48


Verified Buyer
28 Aug 2021 15:50

looks good in my car, glad with the purchase

Verified Buyer
10 Aug 2021 15:49

good quality, recommend!

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